On these virtual pages, you will discover the “Real” West Virginia - home of an abundance of resources for your next business venture.

The Discover the Real West Virginia Foundation was born in 1988 through the initiative of Senator John D. Rockefeller IV. Senator Rockefeller identified a need to promote West Virginia as a viable business environment, both nationally and internationally. Since that time, we have steadfastly pursued our goal of building a strong and diversified West Virginia.

In 2014, Senator Joe Manchin joined the organization as its Honorary Chair, with Rockefeller taking on the role as Founder. Senator Manchin brings years of business and economic development expertise to the Foundation’s efforts. With an accomplished history of success with Rockefeller at its helm, and Senator Manchin’s involvement moving forward, the Foundation is well-positioned to continue its role in growing West Virginia’s economy.

A History of Success: Programs' Time-line

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